Here are a few pro-tips that can get you started with your new Singing Bowl!

  1.  Always wash your hands first before handling any bowl. This is not only to ensure that no marks/dirt/oils, etc will get on the bowl; I personally believe that we should respect the bowl with an opening ritual of washing any energy from the day that doesn’t serve us for the greater good.

  1. Open your bowl sitting on the ground always, never standing or on a high up surface – to decrease the chances of mishandling or dropping the bowl. (use a soft carpet or yoga mat and open slowly/mindfully)

  1. Place the O-ring provided with your bowl on a flat balanced surface and set your bowl upon it centered with the o-ring in the middle of the bowl.

    I prefer to use a yoga mat and never put the bowl on the ground/concrete or hard surface just to be safe.

  1. Hold the suede-covered mallet and lightly chime the side of your bowl with intention and grace, then hold whichever mallet you prefer like a pencil and slowly with a bit of pressure go around in a circle a few times letting the bowl sing. Not too heavy of a hand because remember our ears are sensitive! The sonic silicon mallet is a bit harder in texture and feel so please be mindful and play with care especially if chiming with this harder mallet, I do prefer the suede for chiming,

    and the sonic mallet for singing the bowl.

Appropriate Care and Handling

Your crystal bowl is a very high-quality fragile instrument, but with proper handling it can remain beautiful and viable forever.

Always handle your bowl with the utmost care and take special precautions while transporting or storing it.

Do not use any chemicals on the bowls at all.

Do not remove the sticker as it is your unique serial number to identify your bowl.

Bowls may become a little dirty during normal use however you can clean off your bowl gently with a microfiber towel and a touch of distilled water.

In Between sessions you can cleanse your bowl with other sound bowls to clear and reset energies.

Have fun and enjoy the music!????✨