Chakra Alignment


8" Pink Aura Gold Tall C -30 (Root Chakra)

8" Grandmother Tall D -35 (Sacral Chakra)

7" Lemon Aura Gold E -40 (Solar Plexus Chakra)

7" Green Goddess F -35 (Heart Chakra)

6" Kyanite, White Light Angel Gold G -30 (Throat Chakra)

7" Lepidolite A -40 (Third Eye Chakra)

6” Violet Aura Gold Morph B -40 (Crown Chakra)

Includes ballistic nylon carrying case, mallet, and O-ring and complimentary 30 minute intro to singing bowls class.

Buy as a set and save! This incredible set would be over $10,750 purchased separately.

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