Black Tourmaline, Palladium w/ Etched Full Moon 9″ G# +5


Discover the Majestic 9-Inch Quartz Crystal Bowl: Infused with Black Tourmaline and Palladium in G#

Prepare to be captivated by the extraordinary energies of our 9-Inch Quartz Crystal Bowl, exclusively available at our Palm Desert store and musical temple. This magnificent True Tone bowl, infused with real Black Tourmaline and Palladium, resonates in the key of G# and transforms any space into a sanctuary of purification, protection, and divine balance.

Energizing Color and Enchanting Art

This exceptional bowl is not only a work of sonic artistry but also a visual masterpiece. Its soothing light blue hue calms the spirit, while rainbows dance and shimmer throughout the etching of Buddha sitting by a mountain and nature scene. This unique artistry makes it a stunning addition to any home or spiritual space, where it can be proudly displayed and admired.

Meaning and Purpose

Within the heart of this bowl lies the potent energy of Black Tourmaline. It serves as the ultimate purification and guardian, transmuting anything that hinders you from embracing your divine purpose. Black Tourmaline empowers you to be fully aware, fully present, and fully grounded. It acts as a beacon of protection, shielding you from negativity and disharmony.

Palladium: A Touch of Elegance

Palladium, a rare and precious metal, infuses this bowl with an extra touch of elegance. It enhances the bowl’s ability to balance and ground your energies, providing a harmonious environment for meditation, healing, or simply finding peace within.

The Full Moon Prayer: A Tale of Connection

Etched into the bowl’s design is the story of the Full Moon Prayer—a moment of spiritual connection with Buddha in the embrace of nature. This narrative invites you to join in the journey of enlightenment, serenity, and unity with the universe.

Limited Edition Water Element

This 9-Inch Quartz Crystal Bowl is a limited edition masterpiece, embodying the essence of the water element. Just as water flows, cleanses, and refreshes, this bowl has the power to purify your surroundings and cleanse your spirit, creating a harmonious atmosphere for your spiritual practices.

Elevate Your Journey

Don’t miss the opportunity to experience the transformative power of the 9-Inch Quartz Crystal Bowl infused with Black Tourmaline and Palladium, in the key of G#. Elevate your spiritual journey, find balance and protection, and immerse yourself in the enchanting energies of this extraordinary creation.

Sound, spirituality, and artistry converge in a symphony of celestial proportions, waiting for you to embrace and explore its infinite possibilities. This bowl is exclusively available at our Palm Desert store and musical temple, where you can immerse yourself in its divine energy and beauty.

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  • Palladium

    Communication,Inner Child,Playfulness

    Palladium was discovered in 1803, and was named after both the Roman Goddess – Pallas Athena and the newly discovered Pallas asteroid. Palladium is a light silvery white metal that holds the energy of guardianship on the highest frequency. Not a protector, not a teacher but a constant companion and friend. It empowers the inhabiting of higher consciousness while remaining in the fullness of grounding. Palladium is an excellent travel companion, supporting your consistent presence within your heightened consciousness. Palladium encourages the individual to include external activities into your field energy and take on new courageous actions.

  • Black Tourmaline


    The ultimate purification and guardian bowl, Black Tourmaline transmutes anything in life that keeps you from living your divine purpose, enlightening you to be fully aware, fully present, and fully empowered.


Black Tourmaline, Palladium






+5 (True Tone)


440Hz (TrueTone), 528Hz (+)




Crystal Tones



SKU: 110241-C