Labradorite, Palladium w/ Etched Michelangelo Creation Of Adam 8″ C -45


Experience the Divine 8-Inch Labradorite and Palladium-Infused Quartz Crystal Bowl: A Masterpiece of Spiritual Connection and Artistry in the Key of C

Prepare to be awestruck by the unparalleled beauty and transformative energy of our 8-Inch Labradorite and Palladium-Infused Quartz Crystal Bowl, exclusively available at our Palm Desert store and musical temple. This one-of-a-kind masterpiece is not just a bowl; it’s a work of art, a portal to higher dimensions, and a testament to the extraordinary.

A Work of Art: Michelangelo’s Creation of Adam Comes to Life

This unique bowl stands as a tribute to the artistic genius of Michelangelo. Etched with the sacred and iconic image of Michelangelo’s Creation of Adam, as seen in the Sistine Chapel, this bowl is a masterpiece of spiritual connection and artistry. The divine energy of this sacred art infuses every note and vibration.

The Beauty of Labradorite: A Magical Flash of Light

Labradorite, the heart and soul of this bowl, is a stone of unparalleled beauty and mystique. Its iridescent flashes of color, known as the “Labradorescence,” captivate the senses and transport you to otherworldly realms. Each flash of light is a reminder of the magic that resides within you.

Unlocking the Akashic Records: Synchronicity and Higher Guidance

Labradorite is the key to the Akashic Records—the cosmic library of all knowledge. It synchronizes your life with divine timing, guiding you toward experiences that align with your highest path. With Labradorite by your side, you’ll tap into higher guidance and navigate your spiritual journey with clarity and purpose.

Transformation of Intuition: Labradorite’s Gift

Labradorite is the matriarch of the subconscious. It bridges the gap between intuition and intellectual thought, allowing you to transform your inner knowing into actionable wisdom. As it expands your psychic abilities, Labradorite strengthens your auric field, protecting you from negative energies and enhancing your connection with your highest self.

Elevate Your Spiritual Journey

Don’t miss the opportunity to experience the divine energy and artistic brilliance of the 8-Inch Labradorite and Palladium-Infused Quartz Crystal Bowl in the key of C. Elevate your spiritual journey, unlock the secrets of the Akashic Records, and immerse yourself in the transformative power of Labradorite.

Sound, spirituality, artistry, and magic converge in a symphony of celestial proportions, waiting for you to embrace and explore its infinite possibilities. This unique bowl is exclusively available at our Palm Desert store and musical temple, where you can connect with the timeless wisdom of the Akashic Records and the beauty of Michelangelo’s Creation of Adam.

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  • Palladium

    Communication,Inner Child,Playfulness

    Palladium was discovered in 1803, and was named after both the Roman Goddess – Pallas Athena and the newly discovered Pallas asteroid. Palladium is a light silvery white metal that holds the energy of guardianship on the highest frequency. Not a protector, not a teacher but a constant companion and friend. It empowers the inhabiting of higher consciousness while remaining in the fullness of grounding. Palladium is an excellent travel companion, supporting your consistent presence within your heightened consciousness. Palladium encourages the individual to include external activities into your field energy and take on new courageous actions.

  • Labradorite

    Higher Guidance,Magic,Synchronicity

    The matriarch of the subconscious, Labradorite facilitates the transformation of intuition into intellectual thought. Expanding psychic abilities as it strengthens our auric field, Labradorite facilitates communication with our highest self.


Labradorite, Palladium








432Hz (-)

SKU: 107073-C