Moldavite Tulip Opaque 8″ G# -5 phi


Enhance your space with the celestial elegance of our 8-inch True Tone Moldavite Bowl, a masterpiece that resonates with cosmic consciousness and realization. Crafted in an exquisite “tulip” shape, this bowl is a testament to the beauty of cosmic and earthly fusion. Its design features a mesmerizing blend of pastel shades – soft grey, light baby blue, and gentle jade green – that shift and shimmer under different lighting, capturing the essence of a tranquil cosmos.

The bowl’s heart lies in its unique composition: a fusion of high-grade quartz and natural mineral content sourced directly from space. This harmonious blend results in a creation that is not just visually stunning but also acoustically soothing. Emitting a lovely, stimulating sound in the key of G#, it is perfect for creating a serene atmosphere and also for activating and connecting with the throat and voice.

At the core of its allure is the epic Moldavite Alchemy. This green tektite stone, known for its intense, harmonious healing properties, is alchemized with pure quartz to forge a powerful, crystalline bridge to the stars. This bowl is not just an object of beauty but a conduit for invention, inspiration, and creation. It promotes prosperity, focus, and acts as an activator of inner peace and harmony.

Embrace a spectrum of benefits including joy, openness, emotional health, cleansing, self-realization, intelligence, and stimulation. This bowl is a vessel of love, peace, harmony, awareness, and guidance. It’s not just a piece for your home; it’s a tool for transformation, a gentle reminder of your connection to the cosmos and your inner self. Add this captivating Moldavite Bowl to your collection and embark on a journey of cosmic consciousness and profound realization.


starseed, cosmic consciousness, realization

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  • Moldavite

    Cosmic Consciousness,Realization,Starseed

    A green tektite stone alchemized with pure quartz to create intensive harmonic healing portals to consciousness. A loving, crystalline bridge to the stars.








-5 (True Tone)


432Hz (-), 440Hz (TrueTone)


Green, White


Crystal Tones



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