Ruby, Palladium 6″ A +5


Introducing the Majestic Ruby and Palladium Infused Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl! True Tone in the Key of A.

Immerse yourself in the epitome of luxury and elegance with our exclusive Ruby and Palladium Infused Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl. This 6 Inch masterpiece is a harmonious fusion of radiant Ruby and the enchanting Palladium, a precious metal with a profound history and transformative energies.

Unlocking the Palladium Paradox:

The Essence of Guardianship
Palladium, discovered in 1803, derives its name from the Roman Goddess Pallas Athena and the newly found Pallas asteroid. This precious metal embodies the concept of guardianship at its highest frequency. Unlike a protector or teacher, Palladium assumes the role of a constant companion and friend on your journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

Elevating to Higher Consciousness
Palladium empowers the elevation of one’s consciousness while remaining firmly grounded in the present moment. It beckons you to explore the realms of heightened awareness without losing touch with the tangible world. It’s your steadfast support in your quest for spiritual growth and personal transformation.

The Travel Companion of the Soul
Much like a loyal travel companion, Palladium encourages you to infuse external activities with your newfound energy and courage. It emboldens you to take on courageous actions, expand your horizons, and embrace new experiences.

Embark on a Royal Journey:

Our Ruby and Palladium Infused Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl epitomizes opulence and holistic well-being. Each bowl, meticulously crafted and infused with the precious energies of Ruby and Palladium, is a unique work of art.

As you engage with this exquisite singing bowl, you’ll feel the harmonious resonance of Ruby and Palladium enveloping your senses. The symphony of their energies transcends the ordinary, elevating your existence and resonating with the essence of luxury and abundance.

Indulge in the extraordinary, embrace your inner royalty, and allow the rare gemstones and precious Palladium to elevate your soul and your life.

Experience the symphony of wealth, love, and well-being with our exclusive collection of Ruby and Palladium Infused Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls. Discover your perfect resonance and embark on a journey of transformation, abundance, and unwavering companionship.

Elevate your existence today.

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Ruby (clear) : Relationships-Vitality-Tantra


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  • Ruby


    The elegant voice of Ruby expresses a lavish red spectrum that “lights” interior planes of Self , carrying an enduring brilliant frequency we crave in our relationships. Ground and connect with Gaia.

  • Palladium

    Communication,Inner Child,Playfulness

    Palladium was discovered in 1803, and was named after both the Roman Goddess – Pallas Athena and the newly discovered Pallas asteroid. Palladium is a light silvery white metal that holds the energy of guardianship on the highest frequency. Not a protector, not a teacher but a constant companion and friend. It empowers the inhabiting of higher consciousness while remaining in the fullness of grounding. Palladium is an excellent travel companion, supporting your consistent presence within your heightened consciousness. Palladium encourages the individual to include external activities into your field energy and take on new courageous actions.


Palladium, Ruby






+5 (True Tone)


440Hz (TrueTone), 528Hz (+)


Red, Orange


Crystal Tones



SKU: 110311