Sedona Red Rock 7″ D -15


Elevate Your Soul: Discover the Sedona Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl

Immerse yourself in the enchanting energies of Sedona, Arizona, a land revered for its epic spiritual significance. Our Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl, infused with real minerals and elements from this sacred place, is a testament to the rapid transformation and profound connection it embodies.

The Sedona Experience:

Sedona, a vortex of ancient remembering and creativity, resonates with emotional balance, truth, and rejuvenation. Its unique energies inspire clarity, creative expression, and harmonious relationships.

The Power of Sedona’s Vortex:

Our Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl is a fusion of Sedona’s triad vortex sandstone blend, derived from Cathedral Rock, Bell Rock, and Airport Rock mountains. These elements are masterfully combined through intentional living design to initiate accelerated consciousness.

Honoring Native American Harmony:

These frequencies resonate in honor and recognition of Native American heritage, representing Earth’s wisdom and reminding us that we are Earth. The Sedona Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl invites you to ground, build, produce, and give—initiating a profound journey of self-discovery and transformation.

Elevate Your Existence:

This elegant masterpiece is designed to appeal to the elite, a symbol of holistic well-being and spiritual awakening. It offers a tangible connection to the mysticism of Sedona, fostering a sense of flow, acceptance, and love.

Rediscover your focus, presence, and inner harmony with the Sedona Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl. It’s more than an instrument; it’s a spiritual journey, a connection to the Earth, and a portal to rapid transformation.

Embrace the energies of Sedona, elevate your soul, and let the power of this magnificent creation resonate through your life. Explore our exclusive collection of singing bowls and embark on a path of enlightenment and healing.




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Sedona Red Rock








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SKU: 114938-C