Selenite brick


Selenite "Stone of the Moon" Brick from Morocco

Discover the ethereal beauty of our Selenite Brick, a luminous gem sourced from the mystical lands of Morocco. Often referred to as the "Stone of the Moon," selenite is celebrated for its serene and angelic energy. This particular piece, with its pristine white glow and smooth surface, embodies the tranquil light of the moon, bringing a sense of peace and clarity to any space.

We have two more similar selenite bricks available, perfect for those who appreciate the harmonizing power of this beautiful crystal. Additionally, we source a wide variety of selenite satin spar pieces, so feel free to email us if you have specific needs or are looking for unique forms of this stunning mineral.

The Meaning of Selenite

Selenite, named after Selene, the ancient Greek goddess of the moon, is a stone of purity and spirituality. Its gentle, luminescent energy is believed to cleanse and purify the aura, removing negative energy and fostering a deep sense of peace. Selenite is often used for spiritual activation and communion with the higher self, as its high vibration promotes clarity of mind and expands consciousness.

In the realm of crystal healing, selenite is known for its powerful protective properties. It creates a shield of white light around the user, providing a safe and nurturing space for meditation and spiritual work. This stone is also used to enhance mental flexibility, improve decision-making, and bring mental clarity.

Invite the calming and purifying energy of selenite into your life with our exquisite brick piece from Morocco. Whether you're using it for meditation, energy cleansing, or simply to enhance the beauty of your home, selenite is a wonderful ally in your journey towards spiritual growth and tranquility.

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