Supergrade Androgynous Indium, Grandmother (base) 16″ A 0

This bowl has found it's true home however we have similar alchemies in this size of Supergrade and can make a special order on your behalf , please allow us this honor to source for you and a chance for you to support our divine small business and mission here on this planet.

Elevate Your Journey with the Majestic 16-Inch Grandmother Bowl: A Resonance of Power and Community in the Key of A

Prepare to experience the pinnacle of sound with our Super Grade 100% Quartz Matrix 16-Inch Grandmother Bowl. This exquisite masterpiece is unlike any other, exuding an unparalleled aura of power and serenity. Crafted to sound like a deep church bell in the key of A, it transforms any space into a sanctuary of calmness, making it the centerpiece of your spiritual journey.

A Bowl of Unprecedented Elegance

The 16-Inch Grandmother Bowl is a testament to the fusion of beauty and power. Encased within this magnificent True Tone bowl is the pure essence of Androgynous Indium Violet Light—a resonance that aligns yin and yang, elevates your spirit, and propels you toward ascension. Its energy signature is a deeply violet-blue iridescence that radiates the light of Ascension, inviting you to embrace your true self as “I AM ONE.”

Properties that Transform and Inspire

This extraordinary bowl embodies a wealth of properties that empower your journey. It encourages self-reflection, flexibility, and adaptability, while fostering resilience and abundance. The Violet Flame within brings stability, openness, and versatility, creating an environment of strength and bonding. As a conductor of cooling, calming energy, it promotes flow and longevity.

A Gateway to Grandmother’s Wisdom

The 16-Inch Grandmother Bowl carries the energy of the Grandmother—a path of ageless wisdom, nurturing energy, courage, and assertiveness. It exudes magnetic strength and determination, providing security, peace of mind, and relief from stress. Enthusiasm, steadfastness, realization, focus, and direction are the gifts it bestows, along with the patience and creativity needed to honor your journey.

Community and Connection

This magnificent True Tone bowl isn’t just an instrument; it’s a catalyst for community and connection. Its massive power draws people in, creating a circle of resonance and unity. Place your hands near its side, and you’ll feel the vibrations radiating from within. The transparent nature of the bowl allows for stunning photos and content, capturing the essence of your spiritual journey.

Travel in Style with Ease

As if the 16-Inch Grandmother Bowl weren’t remarkable enough, it comes with an awe-inspiring travel carrying case equipped with wheels. Traveling with this epic bowl is an experience of unmatched style and convenience, allowing you to share its transformative power wherever you go.

Elevate Your Journey

Step into the world of the 16-Inch Grandmother Bowl in the key of A and experience its transformative power. Elevate your spiritual journey, create lasting connections, and capture unforgettable moments. This luxurious True Tone masterpiece is exclusively available at our Palm Desert store and musical temple, inviting you to embrace and explore its infinite possibilities.

Sound, spirituality, elegance, and community converge in a symphony of celestial proportions.

Don’t miss this opportunity to own a one-of-a-kind treasure that will elevate your journey to new heights!

SKU: 107478-C

True Tone super grade grandmother

  • Indium


    Stoic leadership and stability are present within the Indium Chief bowls, helping you manifest your strongest self, and come into your own commanding presence. Embrace the chief within, and become the change you wish to see in the world.


Androgynous Indium, Grandmother, Supergrade






0 (True Tone)


440Hz (TrueTone)


Orange, Blue


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SKU: 107478-C