Tibetan Quartz Copper 8″ E +5


Elevate Your Spiritual Journey with Tibetan Copper Quartz: An 8-Inch Masterpiece in the Key of E

In the realm of sound and spirituality, there exists a gem—an 8-inch Tibetan Copper Quartz Singing Bowl. This is one of the newest additions to grace our temple, and it’s a true masterpiece. The key of E resonates with beauty and harmony, making it a valuable tool for your spiritual journey.

The Power of Copper

Copper, a healing and powerful element, is at the heart of this bowl’s essence. It’s a conduit of transcendence and clearing ancient wisdom. This sacred metal amplifies healing work, brings balance and transcendence, and aids in cleansing, manifesting, and visualization.

A Catalyst for Spiritual Growth

This extraordinary bowl is perfect for those embarking on a spiritual journey. Whether you’re deepening your meditation practice, exploring lucid dreaming, or simply basking in its harmonious tones, it’s a valuable companion.

Connecting with Ancestral Wisdom

Tibetan Copper Quartz is the conductor of the spiritualist’s belief system. It increases energy, mental agility, and quick wit. It attracts good luck while dispelling negative energy. It inspires us to dedicate positive actions in the name of our ancestors, honoring their positive patterns and transmuting the negative ones. It helps us connect with our lineage, weaving together threads of ancient wisdom and modern manifestation.

Elevate Your Healing Space

This exquisite bowl is perfect for spaces where wellness procedures take place. Its healing vibrations enhance any environment, making it an ideal addition to your sacred space.

Elevate Your Existence

Experience the enchanting beauty and profound vibrations of Tibetan Copper Quartz. Discover the power of sound healing and the cosmic wisdom within our exclusive collection of infused singing bowls. Embrace the luxury of divine resonance.

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Tibetan Quartz Copper






+5 (True Tone)


440Hz (TrueTone), 528Hz (+)






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SKU: 120013