Custom Grotta Gong


Discover the Majestic 38-Inch Grotta Sonora Deep Series Gong

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Unveil the extraordinary with our 38-inch custom gong, imported directly from Italy. Crafted by Grotta Sonora, the Deep Series gongs are renowned for their remarkable depth and sustained resonance, making them an essential addition to any sound therapy or musical composition toolkit.

Unmatched Sound Quality

Deep, Focused Tone: The Deep Series gongs feature a prominent, thicker rim, designed to focus and accentuate the overall sound. This results in a deep, fundamental tone with long sustain and a powerful presence that captivates the listener.

Sonic Complexity: Made from an alloy rich in nickel mixed with stainless steel, these gongs produce sonically complex and physically durable sounds, perfect for sound therapists and composers alike.

Unique Craftsmanship

One-of-a-Kind Designs: Each gong in the Deep Series boasts unique etchings and designs, making it not only an auditory masterpiece but also a visual work of art. These gongs are individually crafted, ensuring that no two are exactly alike.

Durable Construction: The special alloy blend ensures that these gongs are built to last, providing reliable performance and enduring beauty.

Visual and Auditory Art

Artistic Beauty: Beyond their superior sound quality, Grotta Sonora gongs stand as stunning visual pieces, adding an element of aesthetic beauty to any space.

Collector’s Item: Given the unique design and craftsmanship of each gong, they are true collector’s items. The photos provided are examples, but each gong sold is distinct and irreplaceable.


Material: High nickel alloy mixed with stainless steel

Size: around 38 inches

Design: Unique etchings and visual artistry

Embrace the deep, resonant tones and exquisite craftsmanship of the 38-inch Grotta Sonora Deep Series Gong. Perfect for sound therapists, musicians, and collectors, this gong is a timeless piece that combines sonic excellence with visual artistry. Visit to learn more and add this exceptional gong to your collection today.

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