There are no words to describe Lady E! Such a beautiful soul that truly wants to share the healing energy and how the crystal bowls and incredible crystals fully can transform your health and wellness! She’s one of a kind, takes care to find the perfect fit for you! She is so loving in how she respects the crystal bowls and blesses them on the way to their true home. She also introduced me to the amazing gong experience! I was blessed to discover this gem (with crystals) of a drum! Then these beautiful angel wings…from an earth angel! A gorgeous crystal table as well. The energy they emanate is honestly so powerful. 💎 I am beyond grateful she came into my life! So many treasures surround me that make my heart smile every day! She has created a sanctuary of peace and wants to share the light it can be for you as well! I give an infinite 🌟 rating to this most special divine soul!!!


I had the most enchanting encounter at Divine Sound – an experience of unparalleled beauty. The atmosphere exudes magic and I must say, it is an incredibly safe haven. They made me feel truly cherished and embraced. I am immensely grateful to have connected with Lady E, who guided me on a transformative journey of healing. The sound bath experience was truly indescribable, as words alone cannot capture its sheer wonder. I am immensely grateful for discovering this beautiful place, and I cannot thank you enough.


Divine Sound is our go to place for quality products and excellent service. Lady E is very knowledgeable in her bowls and is a pleasure to be around. She is able to bring the right signing bowls together for the right people. We have purchased from Divine Sound multiple times and it’s always been a pleasure when we are in the Palm Desert/Palm Springs area. If you are looking for high quality products and VIP service, Divine Sound is where you want to be!


Divine Sound is oh so special. What a gem! The space is magnificent and filled with beautiful energy and incredible sound bowls. These are not just any sound bowls. They are extra special and the sound frequency is healing. Lady E, the owner also hosts sound healing sessions which are just divine. Every little details makes the experience special. I highly recommend!


Divine Sound is an incredible representation of bringing to life this ancient healing practice by offering support, guidance, and providing the tools and space for healing. Lady E is extremely gifted at what she does all the way down to the fine details. From one practitioner to another, huge respect and appreciation to see that someone puts so much intention into their work. Whether you are new or experienced in the realms of crystals and sound healing, do yourself a favor and connect with Divine Sound!


Love love love divine sound and lady E. Before we even met I knew she was not only 1st class service, but also a 1st top class human.
She gives personalized and compassionate attention and patience to all. After attending a live sound bath with my sister and having the intention set to heal the discord between us, it was cleared after our session and has been for well over a month now. Which is a great success. I can’t wait to return for another. I highly recommend everyone experience a sound bath with her. If you’re looking for a bowl a crystal, a gong, her personalized service is unlike any other. I can’t wait to get my next bowl and sound bath here.


The soundbath meditation experience was truly transformative. The harmonious blend of soothing tones and vibrations created a serene atmosphere, guiding me into a state of deep relaxation. The varied instruments produced a symphony that resonated with both mind and body, fostering a profound sense of inner calm. Lady E use of sound waves seemed to wash away tension, leaving me refreshed and centered.
The Divine Sound store on el Paseo is gorgeous, unique singing bowls, amazing stones and Lady E has a beautiful energy, she is kind and authentic. If you are in Coachella Valley, you should visit the store.


Divine sound was such a transformative and welcoming experience (a.k.a. the best Savasana a girl could ask for). Lady E. made special arrangements to accommodate our travel schedule and make sure we didn’t miss out. We walked out feeling lighter, calmer and more energetic. From her beautiful immersive sounds to her amazing knowledge and selection of crystals and singing bowls – we only wish we could have stayed longer to explore and learn more.


Lady E has created an exquisite space where you can both ground and soar. Her knowledge of the crystals and singing bowls (each hand selected) is impressive, and full of heart wisdom. After Lady E played a number of the singing bowls, I was inspired to book a Sound Bath for a party of 4…the space is perfect for it! I walked in feeling fine, and left feeling fabulous! Treat yourself.


Lady E has one of the most amazing spaces! Whether you’re wanting a nice relaxing sound bath or a personalized crystal experience Divine Sound has everything you’re looking for. And such amazing quality. Lady E has curated THE best shop around. Can’t wait to get an alchemy sound bowl of my own.


Divine Sound is such an incredible store for sound bowls and crystals! Not only was my sound bath amazing but the shop is so organized and clean it felt like I was shopping in Beverly Hills. I cannot wait to come back to the desert and get my next sound bath.


Came in from Kentucky to experience a sound bath & what a truly relaxing & refreshing experience it was. I wish I lived here to get one every couple of weeks or so. I think the more you go, you would get more out of it. The owner is truly passionate and very talented at this. Thank you for the awesome service!


Walking into Divine Sound is like walking into an enchanted sanctuary of peace and tranquility. You are greeted with the sparkle of row after row of literally divine bowls, each perfectly lit in their individual cubby, just waiting to be played and carried away to their new home. The overall vibe of the place is otherworldly, and the designer clearly gave total attention to every little detail, creating a haven of beauty both visually and audibly. The bowls

themselves are a whole other story. I have never seen such splendid pieces, and the tones they create are moving and healing beyond expectation. Healing through sound is clearly what Divine Sound does best, and you can feel the love and passion they have poured into every detail of this magical place.


A friend treated me to a sound bath experience. I went in with an open mind and an open heart. Didn’t really know what to expect, but I thought it will be a relaxing time. Little did I know I would end up experiencing one of the most enchanting evening of my life.
Please give yourself the opportunity to feel and hear something extraordinary.


Lady E, my guide through the sound bath course I took, embodied with her whole body the true essence of channeling
What a medicine woman right there!!

Sound… the way she connects to sound and teaches it was so healing to my soul

I’ve had the best sound bath of my life!!!

A true warrior and medicine woman to guide you in your journey.

Her spirit was so connected to the bowls, it intuitively felt like heaven to be there with her.

What an experience. I would recommend her to anyone. She’s a true master at her work. Recommend recommend recommend!!!!


Lady E creates a beautiful , healing space in which to experience a magical,transformative journey !!! One of the most amazing Sound Bath evenings !!! Bring your friends for an extra special adventure.


We felt called to travel to Palm Desert from San Diego to visit Divine Sound after a dear friend referred us. We found the perfect piece to fit in a specific space in our newly remodeled home- a gorgeous agate slice of magic. The vibe and experience at Divine Sound was so in alignment with our souls that we ended up buying a sound bowl too. This isn’t just a place to go buy something beautiful. The owners treated us like family, truly making a connection with us and helping us gravitate to what was meant to be ours. Will be purchasing more in the future!


I only buy my bowls, crystals and sound gadgets from Divine Sound! They are so attentive and take the time with me to match my budget with what I need. The service is above and beyond … and lady E has such extensive knowledge I trust her completely!

You will not be disappointed! She’s wonderful!! 💗


The Sound Bath at Divine Sound was out of this world. It was calming, meditative and sent us to a place hard to get to in solo practice. One of the tools sounded alien!! Everything is sourced with such care and thought. It literally felt like a sound massage and ended in such a deep state of relaxation and bliss.

Thank you Divine Sound!


From the moment I walked into Divine Sound, I felt like I was enveloped in the most magical, positive energy. I did not know much about sound bowls, but Lady E spent so much time helping me and education me – I picked out the perfect bowl for me and my son. Her selection was incredible, the atmosphere perfect, and her warm, loving nature made me feel so comfortable. I have ordered many gifts and they always come so beautifully wrapped and infused with love! I highly recommend paying a visit. I would drive the 2.5 hours or more from LA any time I get a chance!


Wow, not only is this place a magnificent showroom and temple for crystal singing alchemy bowls, but I’m also pretty sure it’s a portal to a higher dimension! Lots of magic swirling inside this place, and the crystals and healing instruments for sale are of the highest quality and vibes in existence. I bought my first gong here, and also received a superb, highly personalized sound bath as well from Lady E, who was so thoughtful and well-prepared for my arrival. You get the red carpet treatment at Divine Sound for sure!


Beautiful experience! Lady E is a true musician. This sound bath was like no other, I was taken completely on a journey through time and space. The store front is absolutely stunning and great energy. I can’t reccomdend this experience enough. If you feel called to book a sound bath- do it! So magical!


Such a unique and magical experience! While wandering down El Paseo, I felt the universe call me into the shop.

Wait till you experience the unique beauty of the bowls on display. Come to find, each is embedded with crystals and precious stones to make different notes, evoking some of the most beautiful and healing sounds.

After a few moments, Lady E blessed me with sound and handed me a crystal, intuitively all-knowing that I would return for a sound bath.

If in the desert- swing by. To just see the magical bowls, hear and feel the energy of her space or sit in for an evening sound bath. Either way, you’ll leave the place with a stronger connection to yourself.


My husband and I attended an amazing sound bath. It was very relaxing, beautiful, and insightful. I loved that we started with an intention and since our evening a month ago, our intentions (goals, really) have come true over and over. Beautiful space and loving owners! If you are curious, just do it! Amazing experience ❤️


This place is such a great addition to the valley and El Paseo! Lady E is very warm and welcome. The mats are cozy and the whole place is serene! Highly recommend if you are passing through or live here to feel at peace. Thank you!!!


10 Stars!!!
I visited Lady E and Divine Sound. The space is so incredible..there are no words to really describe how special it is. She has brought in gorgeous elements of design for the home and a stunning grouping of alchemy bowls. I fell in love with a gorgeous alchemy bowl. I wanted time to think about it and Lady E totally supported this to make sure I felt great about my purchase. When I came back Lady E had set up a beautiful space for me to play with several bowls. She played and harmonized with them. Lady E has the voice of an angel. She made this such a special, memorable and profound experience!!!

I highly recommend Divine Sound and Lady E!


What an amazing and rare experience!
As soon as we walked in we felt at home by our lovey host Lady E. I say “just do it” and enjoy your own personal healing.


This is an absolutely beautiful and peaceful place. The second you walk in, you are greeted by Lady E and her wonderful, stunning choices of gemstones and Crystal singing bowls. It is unlike anywhere I have ever been and encourage everyone to make a journey to visit Lady E. You will be very pleased with your experience and any purchase you make!


Lady E was AMAZING. I did my first sound healing experience with her last spring when I was 6 months pregnant ~ and me and baby felt so great during and after the session. She is an intuitive healer / practitioner / guide and will custom create an experience you will always remember. I also still buy crystals from her ~ they are super high quality and sent with love.


There isn’t enough words to describe this place. What a magical space to be in and enjoy. The sound bath is an experience which is beyond amazing! You definitely need to schedule one and see for yourself. The bowls and crystals you will find here at Divine Sound are absolutely the best!


After stepping into this place and spending time in it, I just don’t know how any other place will compare. It felt like I was in a magical palace. It looked that good with great attention to detail everywhere so I trust that the quality of the products in there are top notch! And there’s just also this energy in there that sparks a remembrance in you of who you are and the beauty that resides in you. That’s what I felt anyway! Can’t wait to revisit this gem in the desert again. :)

And not to make this review too long but I also had a soundbath from Lady E. That was not like any soundbath I’ve had before. I lost myself and became the rain drops on the lake when I heard the sound and at the end I had rainbow light beaming down from the top of my head to my toes. Crazy! But crazy awesome. Just another reason to go back!

Lady E is the real deal! She does not hold back anything from her heart and soul when she does her sound baths. She got all the chakras opened and it has been a transformational experience for me. Thank you so much! Keep sharing your love and light Lady E.


Such a calming environment. Lady E is an amazing soul! So helpful and just seems to know intuitively what you need! Would highly recommend to anyone! All of my interactions, and there have been a lot, were fantastic.


This place is so special! Lady E is incredibly welcoming, flexible, and helpful. Each piece in the shop is chosen with thought and you can feel that with everything in there. Take a sound bath here and you will not regret it! 11/10 love this place


The name accurately describes the place! The sound inside is of the highest frequency and oh so DIVINE. Good vibes await every visitor to this Cosmic Space that won’t disappoint and will surely ignite your desire to play and create sound tones of your own. The best form of healing is self healing, so everyone should own their own bowls that resonate with their own inner frequency to expand their inner awareness and experience higher realms within. Enjoy to the Max!


Beautiful experience, Lady E is very knowledgeable and helped so much to match the gift I needed to the person I needed to give it do. She has amazing things in the cabinets of the shop. Very happy with everything.

Absolutely a magical place. Lady E and her husband made us feel at home and brought us the most magical and memorable experience. If you are passing through and have time, make an appointment and you won’t be disappointed I promise you!

The crystals are always gorgeous and Lady E goes out of her way to make sure you’re happy. 💜

The attention to detail and excellent customer service make this my go to place for crystal alchemy singing bowls and crystals.


In the beautiful city of Palm Desert, there’s a sound portal to a dimension of pure love. A beautiful sanctuary where each gem and singing bowl rests in an artful display awaiting to mesmerize you!! We brought home a beautiful treasure that improves our home space and our health. If you happen to visit Palm Desert, it’s a must that you join Lady E for a magical journey of sound!!

An amazing store filled with high quality crystals and bowls beyond belief. Lady E has an amazing energy and an even more beautiful heart. LOVE this place.


We thoroughly enjoyed visiting the shop and viewing all of the wonderful items. Lady E did a great job of explaining all of the meanings of each of the stones.


This place has amazing energy and I highly recommend checking it out. Lady E is terrific and willing to help in any way that she can.