Emerald 8″ F -20


Emerald 8″ F -20

This gorgeous 8 Inch Bowl has a really interesting natural created design along the outside of the bowl and that is why I chose this unique bowl to come here to our musical temple. The fact that it is infused with real emeralds really intrigued me as this precious gemstone is one of the most sought after in the entire world and furthermore the divine sound is so very pleasing in the key of F opening, expanding, and healing the heart and the hearts of all!

I paired this emerald bowl with our sage aura and green goddess under the harmonic set page to create a beautiful harmony for anyone looking to purchasing multiple bowls that play well together.

Healing through the heart. Touching all layers of the heart gives protection and strength. The wisdom of Sage Aura teaches us that our hearts are stronger than we know. It can help to heal beyond a cellular level and support an ongoing growth of gratitude and love. It restores the heart to its purity of love.

Emerald (clear) : Loving Intention, Wholeness, Heart Energy

Emerald Crystal Singing Bowls – The Emerald Bowl alchemy blends heart and grail energies with powerful quartz crystal, radiating through the heart chakra from Divine realms of loving intention and wholeness. The Emerald Bowl is an exquisite tonal waterfall of flowing heart healing, helping alignment with heart wisdom, encouraging Higher Self purpose – centeredness, emotional balance and courageous, compassionate living from one’s Life Core. This exquisite fourth chakra bowl is power-packed with love, opening one’s heart to Universal Grace which some say is the Holy Grail. The Emerald Bowl’s fourth chakra water energies radiate love, inner peace, wealth and abundance and are strong spiritual “heart medicine”, helping the physical heart and emotional body release imbalances/challenges and feelings of unworthiness.


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loving intention, wholeness, heart energy

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