Harmonic Cover – Size 6/7


Created from 94.5% sustainable materials, with the addition of lycra for 2 way stretch, and feature our signature handwoven chakra drawstring. An innovative rib knit locking system secures your bowl when in the "nesting" position.

Fits Alchemy and Crystal Bowls size 6"-7" in Width (cover measures 15” in height) 

Fits Tibetan bowls that are 6 – 7" across. May stack two of this size Tibetan bowls in one cover.

Loomed in California and knitted with love and care

Breathable ribbed knit of recycled materials: Our 94.5% sustainable yarn with the addition of 5 % lycra for added stretch and flexibility

DISCLAIMER: Please note that our covers do not replace the need for a sturdy case to place your nested bowls in when traveling with your bowls.

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