Laughing Buddha, Creamsicle (Outside) 7″ D -5


Experience the Joy of the 7-Inch True Tone Laughing Buddha Bowl in the Key of D

Elevate your spirit with the 7-Inch True Tone Laughing Buddha Bowl, exclusively available at our Palm Desert store and musical temple. This extraordinary bowl is a harmonious fusion of the Laughing Buddha’s joyful energy and the empowering essence of Creamsicle—a symphony of playfulness, strength, and wisdom.

Sacral Orange Shining Bowl: Radiate Joy and Playfulness

This absolutely gorgeous Sacral Orange Shining singing bowl, measuring 7 inches, produces True Tone vibrations. The Laughing Buddha’s presence in this bowl stimulates laughter, joy, and playfulness, reminding you not to take life too seriously and encouraging you to embrace the power of a smile.

A Symphony of Strength and Empowerment

The Laughing Buddha Bowl resonates with qualities of strength, protection, competition, leadership, and assertiveness. It embodies resilience, fertility, and the empowerment to overcome life’s challenges. As you listen to its soothing tones, you’ll find yourself filled with courage and agility.

Creamsicle Alchemy: The Essence of Playfulness and Empowerment

Creamsicle, the companion of the Laughing Buddha, adds its unique qualities to this bowl. It symbolizes playfulness, empowerment, and strength. Creamsicle invites you to accept yourself fully, fostering Divine creative ideas, prosperity, and inner peace. Its healing vibrations radiate love, compassion, and Eastern wisdom.

A Symphony of Relaxation and Wisdom

Together, the Laughing Buddha and Creamsicle create a symphony of relaxation, Divine inspiration, and wisdom. This alchemy resonates with the teachings of the East, reminding us to love ourselves, not to take life too seriously, and to find joy in the simple act of laughter.

Elevate Your Experience

Don’t miss the opportunity to experience the transformative power of the 7-Inch True Tone Laughing Buddha Bowl in the key of D. This unique bowl is exclusively available at our Palm Desert store and musical temple, where you can connect with the joyful energy of the Laughing Buddha, embrace empowerment, and cultivate a light-hearted and optimistic mindset.

Sound, spirituality, and positivity converge in a symphony of celestial proportions, waiting for you to embrace and explore its infinite possibilities. This bowl is more than an instrument; it’s a gateway to a world of boundless joy and strength.


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playfulness, empowerment, strength

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Laughing Buddha, Creamsicle






-5 (True Tone)


432Hz (-), 440Hz (TrueTone)






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SKU: 119293