Lavender Sunset Gold 8″ E -20


Introducing our Lavender Sunset Gold Bowl – an exquisite 8-inch masterpiece that transcends beauty and purity. This crystal singing bowl is more than an instrument; it’s a gateway to a world of serenity, grace, and inner peace.

Created with 24 Karat gold!

Lavender Sunset Gold Bowl – This bowl is a harmonious blend of the feminine and the graceful, resonating with elegance and devotion. Its enchanting lavender hue evokes feelings of calmness and luxury, while its golden accents speak of love, honesty, and kindness. This bowl exudes purity and truth, inviting you into a world of emotional depth and imagination.

But its magic doesn’t stop there. The Lavender Sunset Gold Bowl is a spiritual gem, a vessel of spirituality and inner fulfillment. It gently opens your heart center and stimulates the crown chakra, connecting you to higher consciousness with an effortless grace. It’s like a serene sunset, painting your soul with awareness and spiritual connection.

This bowl is not just about making music; it’s about activating your crown consciousness in a loving and gentle way. It’s a learning experience, a journey towards relaxation and spiritual depth. Each tone that emanates from this Lavender Sunset Gold Bowl is a step closer to unlocking your inner potential.

Experience the magic of this Lavender Sunset Gold Bowl for yourself. Let it fill your life with the soothing melodies of inner peace, truth, and spiritual fulfillment. Immerse yourself in its grace and elegance, and let it be your guide to a world of heightened awareness and connection to higher consciousness.

Indulge in the luxury of sound and spirit with our Lavender Sunset Gold Bowl. Elevate your being, bask in its radiance, and let its gentle vibrations carry you to a place of serenity and divine connection. It’s time to experience the harmonious blend of lavender and gold, a symphony for your soul, and a path to inner transformation.

Lavender Sunset Gold 8″ E -20


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Lavender Sunset Gold








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SKU: 117990