Peridot 7″ G# -20


Discover the Elegance of Peridot: A 7-Inch Crystal Tones Quartz Singing Bowl Infused with Love

Elevate your world with the harmonious embrace of Peridot, a highly sought-after green gemstone that radiates love and healing energy. Our exquisite 7-inch Crystal Tones Quartz Singing Bowl, infused with real Peridot, is a masterpiece of sound and spirituality that transcends boundaries.

The Soothing Green of Peridot

Peridot’s gentle and soothing green tone is like a balm for the soul. It beckons you to open your heart chakra, allowing love to flow in and around you. It’s a color that symbolizes transformation, acceptance, and a profound sense of gratitude.

Zodiac Signs Aligned with Peridot

Peridot resonates deeply with the zodiac signs of Leo, Virgo, and Scorpio, connecting their energies to the powerful properties of this magnificent gemstone.

Unlock the Power of Peridot

Healing and Detox: Peridot’s energy clears trauma and ego, while also supporting the endocrine system. It detoxifies the body, benefiting the liver, gallbladder, metabolism, skin, and even enhancing prescription efficacy.

Heart and Self-Love: This radiant gemstone has a direct impact on the heart, promoting self-love, compassion, and inner transformation. It’s a beacon of acceptance and openness.

Forgiveness and Accountability: Peridot inspires forgiveness, both of others and yourself. It encourages accountability and responsibility, empowering you to let go of past burdens and step into your higher self.

Universal Love and Connection: Embrace the universal love that Peridot represents. It connects you with destiny and purpose, guiding you toward a path of abundance and connection with the cosmos.

Experience the Symphony of Love:

Our Crystal Tones Quartz Singing Bowl, infused with real Peridot, resonates in the key of G#. It is not just a musical instrument; it’s a vessel of healing, transformation, and boundless love.

A Gift of Soothing Love

This exquisite bowl makes an amazing gift, a gesture that communicates soothing love all around. Whether for yourself or someone special, it’s a constant reminder of the beauty of love and transformation.

Elevate Your Existence

Indulge in the extraordinary, embrace the transformative power of Peridot, and let the harmonious sounds of this Quartz Singing Bowl elevate your existence. Rediscover the symphony of love and healing with our exclusive collection of infused singing bowls.

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letting go of trauma, clearing ego, endocrine system

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SKU: 115675-C