Platinum 8″ A# -35


Introducing the pinnacle of elegance and harmony – our new Platinum 8 Inch A# Crystal Quartz True Tone Singing Bowl, a rare gem infused with the precious essence of real platinum and it’s filled with rainbows!

Platinum – A Legacy of Grace and Power – Platinum has a rich history steeped in symbolism and significance. Throughout the ages, this precious metal has represented the divine feminine, resonating with harmonization and elegance. Platinum’s unique qualities extend beyond its aesthetic allure; it possesses the power to bring balance and equilibrium to both body and mind.

A Symphony of Healing Frequencies – Our Platinum Crystal Quartz True Tone Singing Bowl is a true masterpiece, harnessing the intrinsic energies of platinum to create a symphony of healing frequencies. It’s a gentle yet potent tool that stimulates the divine feminine, bringing relief from the burdens of stress and depression. It aligns the intuitive emotional body, helping you navigate the complexities of life with grace and ease.

A Pastel Rainbow of Elegance – This alchemical wonder achieves pastel rainbow elegance, radiating the yin energy that stimulates the divine feminine within us all. As you immerse yourself in the soothing tones of this True Tone bowl, you’ll experience not only stress relief but also a profound sense of balance and unity. It’s like a sonic opalescent rainbow bath for your soul, a super harmonizer and balancer that aligns your astral and physical body fields.

Grounding and Attunement – The Platinum Crystal Quartz True Tone Singing Bowl boasts a calming and steadying effect, grounding you in the present moment. It’s the perfect resonance for attunement, aligning your energies and helping you find your equilibrium amidst life’s demands. This bowl is more than an instrument; it’s a source of hope, optimism, and cleansing for your body, mind, and spirit.

A Treasured Addition – Whether you’re celebrating a sacred union or simply seeking to enhance your spiritual practice, this Platinum Crystal Quartz True Tone Singing Bowl is a beautiful addition to your journey. It carries with it the legacy of grace and power, offering you a symphony of healing, balance, and elegance.

Unleash the power of platinum, harmonize your energies, and elevate your life’s vibrations with our Platinum 8″ A# Crystal Quartz True Tone Singing Bowl. This is your opportunity to own a piece of history, a timeless treasure infused with the grace of the divine feminine. Immerse yourself in its soothing resonance and embrace the balance, hope, and optimism it brings. It’s time to experience the symphony of healing with the Platinum Crystal Quartz True Tone Singing Bowl.


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SKU: 120090