Rose Quartz, Palladium 7″ F -5


Introducing the Essence of Love and Harmony: The 7-Inch Rose Quartz Palladium Bowl in True Tone Key of F

Experience Love, Healing, and Inner Harmony

Prepare to immerse yourself in a symphony of love and nurturing with our exquisite 7-inch Rose Quartz Palladium Bowl, tuned to the True Tone key of F. This remarkable bowl is more than just a musical instrument; it’s a vessel of gentle healing, a source of comfort and compassion, and a bridge to inner harmony.

Rose Quartz: The Heart’s Delight

Unlock the Power of Love and Healing

Rose Quartz is renowned for its boundless capacity to nurture and heal. As you resonate with the soothing tones of this bowl, you’ll unlock its profound potential for promoting skin health, aiding in cancer recovery, enhancing sleep quality, and nurturing your heart’s well-being. It also supports improved blood circulation, rejuvenates the sexual organs, and fosters fertility. For newborns, it offers solace and strength, making it ideal for premature babies.

A Multifaceted Healer

Beyond its physical attributes, Rose Quartz is a gentle emotional healer. It soothes grief, fosters connections with babies and children, and amplifies empathy and self-love. Its calming presence alleviates anxiety, helps heal trauma, and cultivates selflessness, kindness, openness, acceptance, and forgiveness. This exquisite crystal is a conduit to Divine Love, uniting you with the universal energy of mercy and tolerance.

Palladium: Your Constant Companion to Higher Dimensions

Connect with Your Inner Child and Playfulness

Palladium, discovered in 1803, holds a unique place in the realm of metals. Named after the Roman Goddess Pallas Athena and the newly discovered Pallas asteroid, it embodies the energy of guardianship on the highest frequency. Palladium is not just a protector or a teacher; it’s a constant companion and friend on your spiritual journey.

Empower Your Higher Consciousness

Palladium empowers you to embrace higher consciousness while remaining grounded. It encourages you to integrate external activities into your energetic field, allowing you to take courageous actions and explore new horizons. Whether you’re on a physical or spiritual journey, Palladium is your ideal travel companion, supporting your presence within heightened states of awareness.

Elevate Your Vibrations, Expand Your Horizons

Our 7-inch Rose Quartz Palladium Bowl combines the healing energies of Rose Quartz with the expansive qualities of Palladium. Its True Tone key of F resonates with the heart center, encouraging emotional healing, calming anxiety, and promoting inner harmony. It becomes a bridge to unconditional love, understanding, unity, visualization, affirmations, intention, helpfulness, and kindness.

Own a Vessel of Love and Enlightenment

Don’t miss the opportunity to own this exceptional Rose Quartz Palladium Bowl—a harmonious fusion of love, healing, and higher consciousness. It’s not just an instrument; it’s a conduit to a world of compassion, joy, and spiritual growth.

Experience the transformative power of Rose Quartz and Palladium. Embrace love, nurture your heart, and embark on a journey of inner harmony and higher dimensions.

Discover the profound power of sound, light, and companionship.

Start your journey today.

Immerse yourself in the embrace of Rose Quartz and the wisdom of Palladium. Illuminate your path to love, healing, and spiritual enlightenment. Elevate your vibrations with the Rose Quartz Palladium Bowl, your constant companion on the journey to higher consciousness.

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Divine Love

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Palladium, Rose Quartz






-5 (True Tone)


432Hz (-), 440Hz (TrueTone)




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SKU: 116072-C