Tibetan Quartz Copper, Platinum (inside) 9″ B -15


Elevate Your Spiritual Journey with Tibetan Quartz Copper and Platinum: A 9-Inch Masterpiece in the Key of B

In the realm of sound and spirituality, there exists a gem—a Tibetan Copper Quartz Singing Bowl infused with real platinum, a rare and exquisite masterpiece. Measuring 9 inches in diameter, this bowl is a symphony of cosmic wonders that transcends ordinary experiences.

A Window to the Cosmos:

Gaze upon the bowl’s inner galaxy and its radiant rainbows, and you’ll understand why we chose this magnificent treasure to grace our temple. The key of B, a rarity in the world of singing bowls, produces a lovely resonance that stimulates the idea centers and crown chakra energies. It’s a symphony for the soul.

Copper and Platinum: A Divine Fusion:

Copper, known for its role as a conduit of transcendence and clearing ancient wisdom, amplifies healing work and brings balance and transcendence. It is the conductor of the spiritualist’s belief system, increasing energy, mental agility, and quick wit. Copper attracts good luck, dispels negativity, and guides us on our soul’s purpose, inspiring positive actions in honor of our ancestors.

Platinum, the epitome of divine femininity and harmonizer, introduces elegance to this sacred bowl. Its cooling properties balance hormones and chemicals, enhancing dexterity and coordination while providing relief from anxiety and stress. Platinum nurtures intuition and emotional balance, fostering harmony, unity, hope, and optimism.

A First Step in Your Spiritual Journey:

This extraordinary bowl is the perfect choice for those embarking on a spiritual journey. Whether you wish to deepen your meditation practice, explore lucid dreaming, or simply bask in its harmonious tones, it is a valuable companion.

The Experience of Sonic Opulence:

Indulge in the pastel rainbow elegance of our Tibetan Quartz Copper and Platinum Singing Bowl. It unifies astral and physical body fields in a sonic opalescent rainbow bath—a super harmonizer and balancer. It imparts a calming, steadying, and grounding effect, allowing perfect attunement resonance in every note.

A Token of Celebration:

This bowl is more than an instrument; it’s a celebration of your journey. Whether for personal growth, meditation, or a sacred union celebration, it’s a beautiful addition to elevate your spiritual path.

Elevate Your Existence:

Experience the enchanting beauty and profound vibrations of Tibetan Quartz Copper and Platinum. Discover the power of sound healing and the cosmic wisdom within our exclusive collection of infused singing bowls. Embrace the luxury of divine resonance.


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SKU: 112625-C